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The Minikini

My first time at Gold's Gym, centre of the bodybuilding universe. I can't wait to have a workout here. I book a session, and the receptionist asks if it is my first time. I tell her I have done gym work before, but she looks unconvinced. She says she will get someone to look after me for my first session. I return to the desk after changing, and her jaw hits the floor. 'Just go in . . . ' she mumbles. Guess the sight of wall to wall muscle has changed her ideas. I pick a spot and start my warmup spiderman push-ups. A pec deck is free so I put on a small weight to begin, say 1000lbs for each pec, and start working out. Soon I am aware of the guys beginning to crowd round me. "Lady" one of them says "I can help you with this, if you do . . . . yadda yadda yadda . . . .". Soon they are all offering advice on what to do. "Guys" I say "that is great, but if truth be known I don't really need your help, as you can see.

All this pumping is making me sweat freely, it is a very hot day and the aircon is barely coping. I think I will remove my top and pants, I still have my slingshot on, that should be ok? As I do preacher curls and lift on the bench my breasts wobble and slap against each other squirting my sweat around, but I always wipe up with my towel, don't want to be unpopular. It's a good job my large erect nipples are holding my slingshot in place! The gym seems quieter now and everyone seems to be looking at something - I see in the mirrors it is me! The Staff approach and ask 'Lady, can you put on more clothes or sumthin?' I put on my best 'dumb blonde' look instead and ask them why - it is very hot and I need to sweat freely, can't they see I pout. 'Well you are not meeting our dress code' they say. Dress code, it's a freekin' gym!

The weights here are far too light for me so I was leaving anyway I tell them. I am sweating heavily and could really do with a shower, but decide to teach them a lesson. I will walk out to my car still wearing the slingshot. People in the lobby and exercise rooms stare at me with bulging eyes - I find all this a great turn-on. I'm glad I put my love eggs in, my juices are flowing now.  In the car park it is blistering hot - so hot I am sweating hard, and I am sweating milk! I rub it all over myself, and my body glows and glistens as the sun shines off me. I won't need any sunblock now.

I see people working out on the beach, they are dressed more for the sun so I put on my shades and walk across the road to the weights area. I hear what sounds like cars colliding with each other behind me - I wonder what could have distracted the drivers? Tee hee.

There are some strange sights here, is that Pee Wee hiding behind that wall? And there is a woman painted green all over - no it's She Hulk lifting weights and reading a book at the same time - she seems to be getting all the attention. What's she lifting - tons - that's nothing! I ask a guy where to start but he just stares at my cleavage - I do a pec dance which makes my breasts wobble about like giant pink globes of jello. His eyes open wider and his chin drops but he still does not answer. I push him away and make for a bench and weights. I start with half a ton and work up - everyone is round me now, male and female bodybuilders, I seem popular. My breasts wobble as I easily lift tons in each hand, my erect nipples keeping my slingshot in place. Shehulk gives me several dirty looks and leaves the beach.

She Hulk returns and decides to get some of that attention back, and loads up a bar with 75 tons to rip out some squats. With a smirk I walk over and casually take the weight from her when she's done and crank out a nice set of bicep curls. "Mmmmm nice, this is almost a good warmup for me. I think I'll add another 25 tons and complete my warmup set. What do you think?"

After a quick 15 reps, my sling bikini is beginning to show strain against my titanic muscles. I barely seem to notice as I add another massive ten ton plate to each side of the bar and begin slowly curling another set. Each rep sees the muscles in my arms swell slightly and by the fifteenth slow rep, my thick veins are pushing to the surface of my arm. As I rack the massive weight I reach up and feel the massive hardness of my right arm with my left hand, "mmmm, nice start."

I am a massive pumped titaness now and I slide around and grab another ten ton plate between my thumb and forefinger and easily slide it onto the bar. I giggle slightly as the metal of the bar screams and bends beneath the weight. A moment later I add another one, then I saunter around to the other side and add two more ten ton plates as easily as the first one. "Nice, a few sets at 160 tons should really get these big girls pumped, don't you think? I'm feeling so strong today, I think afterwards I'll try for a new personal best. The thought of that just makes me horny. Mmmmm"

Slowly, rhythmically, the weight moves up and down in perfect easy form. Slowly, rhythmically my colossal biceps expanded, swollen with blood as my thick veins surge ever larger on the surface. By the fifteenth rep, sweat is rolling from my body and down the crevices of my hugely muscular form. I close my eyes feeling the muscles burn and grow. "Sooo good. I need more weight. So much more."

As I set the weight down, the clang reverberates over the beach drawing attention for miles around, but I barely notice. Something has triggered deep inside me and I am in the zone like never before. All I can think about is getting bigger and stronger and today will be a massive day, a record shattering day. Each step of my massive body digs deep holes in the sand as I stride to grab more plates. This time when I bend down I do so slowly, letting my massive striated glutes swallow my thong. To seal the deal, I flex them causing the large globes to surge in twin globes of muscular perfection. "Oh poo, there are no more 10 ton weights. I guess I'll just have to make do with these little 25 toners." My hand goes to my lips in faux shock as my massively thick and pumped bicep curls my fingers to my mouth.

Standing back up, I go back to the weight bar and slide off the three 10 ton weights on the end with a single finger. "These were too light anyway. A girl like me needs a real pump."

After I remove the three 10 ton plates from the other side, I stand eyeing the massive 50 ton bar and the two twenty-five ton plates still resting on it. As I grin I slide two twenty five ton plates on each side, pause then add another one to each side. Looking at my left arm, I ball it into a massive mound of rippling, perfectly-formed muscle. "I think you can handle 250 tons, don't you?" In response I flex the muscle up a few more times. Each flex causes it to rise a little higher in the air. "Oh, you agree. Lets do it!"

As I stand behind the bar, the weights causing each end to sag, I half-close my eyes and smile dreamily. The growing crowd of onlookers wonders if my slingshot bikini will hold up to the onslaught of my workout. Small micro-tears have already started forming as my herculean body swells from the workout, and I seem determined to destroy it. In fact I am, and the thought of my muscles swelling my swimsuit to the bursting point is turning me on immensely.

As I lift the weight, it seems almost too much for me at first. My entire upper body strains. Striations show in my massive chest as veins snake across it just below my massive breasts that seem to swell beneath the heaving pecs. The sound of the tearing fabric sends a trickle of wetness down my legs and the massive weight slowly moves up towards my chest.

I drop the weight with a clang and it buries itself in the sand. As I have just curled over three times what She Hulk has squatted I ask her if she would like to call her cousin, I fancy arm wrestling the Hulk now. She leaves in a huff saying something about 'steroid freaks'. No 'roids here, only huge weights, good nutrition and proper exercise.
Clearing out files and found this, another story written in collaboration with Cele, never got around to expanding it into a bigger story as we planned, but I think it stands on its own :strong:
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MYOPHILIAC Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder if she spotted my own bulge growing and ripping thru my bikini! heheh
iceman75 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, first time I got a chance to read this, but it was just an awesome story, great shows of both strength and sexiness.
TheMoleUK Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
Great short story but, yes, I suspect a development into a wider story would have been awesome!

rombosman01 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I liked your story, congratulations

me gusto tu historia, felicitaciones
chops38 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Your muscles are so sexy...and the way you show them off is heartwarming ....nicely done...
WomanWonder09 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012

jnw550 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sexy story! Guess you could always use the barbell you lifted to make another swimsuit, huh?
WomanWonder09 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012

easy peasy to a muscle goddess ;)
WomanWonder09 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
*giggles* oh you bet :strong:
deviant3356 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
Super cool story! Bet ur muscles are just massive!! ;)
WomanWonder09 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
*giggles* :strong:
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